Let's build a boat together.

Pulsy supports the

Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation

to help kids that swim to get to school.

For many children in the Philippines, going to school means swimming through rivers and mangroves, fighting against the current to keep their head above the water. School books and uniform are tied in a plastic bag over their heads.

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation is active throughout the Philippines in funding school boats, all painted yellow, inspired by the colour of the country's school buses. Today, Yellow Boat of Hope facilitates access to education for hundreds of children in remote areas.

With Pulsy we have set out to help these children get to school safe and dry. That is why, with each purchase we receive, we donate 5% of our profit to the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. Shall we build a boat together?

More info: www.yellowboat.org

All images by Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation.